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About Chicken Hawk Racing

Chicken Hawk Racing Inc. was founded in 1992 building industrial grade electric heaters for the motor sports industry. Located in the Hudson Valley of NY our staff has specialized in designing, building and servicing the most rugged Tire Warmers in the business.

Working in all forms of motorsports from karting, motorcycle road racing, top fuel drag racing, circle track and auto road racing provides our company with a diversity rarely matched. Understanding the tires and how to manage them has set us apart from less sophisticated products that imitate our own.

We are proud to be the manufacture of choice when top Tire companies such as Michelin, Dunlop & Bridgestone choose to put their name on Tire Warmers.

Chicken Hawk Racing builds products for customers world wide and can accommodate 240v power and stocks power cords for many countries.

Our Tech Line and Service department is available to answer questions and repairs product that may have suffered from the rough-n-tumble existence in the paddock.

  • Since 1992 CHR tire warmers are designed, built & serviced in house in New York
  • CHR tire warmers are designed working with the Tire Engineers of Dunlop, Michelin & Bridgestone tires.
  • CHR builds the Tire Warmers that are branded:
    • Dunlop
    • Michelin
    • Bridgestone
    • KTM
  • CHR offers Trade In value on ALL old tire warmers when buying new ones
  • These Professional Teams have chosen to run CHR Tire Warmers
    • Yoshimura Suzuki
    • American Honda
    • Erion Racing
    • Michael Jordan Motorsports
    • M4 Emgo Suzuki
    • Attack Kawasaki
    • Joe Gibbs Racing
    • Hendricks Motorsports
    • Richard Childress Racing
    • Chip Ganassi Racing
    • Pacific Motorsports
    • Forsythe Racing
    • Dyson Racing
    • Highcroft Racing
  • CHR is the only USA manufacturer who builds and repairs Tire Warmers in the USA

Beware of inferior products that:

  • Get hot Too quickly and scorch the tires (see blue lines on tires)
  • Are not temperature accurate (sometimes good, sometimes not)
  • Many "knock-off" brands are ALL made by one manufacturer which have the Liner separate from the Insulation. You end up with the entire heating element loose and helter-skelter. This creates hot spots and can blister a tire.
  • Have no way to test warmer performance
  • Have no way to repair the warmers
  • Won't sell single warmers

Our Tire Warmers proved to be so temperature accurate and durable that industrial clients such as Con Edison, NRG Energy & Dow Chemical also requested our expertise and in 2005 we created CHR Inc, Custom Heaters and Research, to cater to these clients as well.

Quality, On time with Service available after the sale