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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install Tire Warmers

What are Tire Warmers?

Electrically powered heaters that are designed to wrap around your tires so that the tires are brought up to Operating Temperature and Hot Pressure BEFORE you start out on the track.

What forms of racing are applicable?

Any motorsport using a tire which will increase in Temperature and Tire Pressure will benefit from Tire Warmers. The most popular is Road Racing and Circle Track (both dirt and asphalt). We have been growing by leaps in the areas of Drag Racing, Flat-Track motorcycles and Super Moto and Karting.

Why are tire warmers an advantage?

  • Great Starts - A tire that is up to temperature has more traction. This is helpful in getting good starts and making a charge in the beginning of the event.
  • Helps Avoid Cold-Tire Incidents - We all know when the track goes green every racer gives his best. Cold tires incidents and off-track excursions are more common among those without tire warmers. Getting the entire tire carcass up to temperature helps tire be flexible and pliable and gives more grip.
  • Improves Tire Life - Heat Cycles: Keeping your tires "warm" (125-135 F) between practice sessions saves Heat Cycles (the # of times a tire gets hot and then cools) which age your tires (the tire goes "off" meaning the best grip is gone). Cold Cutting or Cold-Tearing: High-horsepower or heavier vehicles can tend to cold-tear tires when used aggressively when the tire is cold. These "cuts" or "graining" affect Tire Performance and Life. Heating the Tire up slowly with a Tire Warmer doesn't spend or use the active chemicals the engineers put in the tire to give it grip by "shock heating" out on the track.
  • Tune your Tires - Different tire brands and different compounds work best at their specified temperature; with a temperature adjustable warmer you can heat your tires exactly as much as the tire engineers specify.
  • Set your Hot Tire Pressure - Most of today's race tires are very sensitive to operating within a couple pounds of a desired Hot Tire Pressure. Using a Tire Warmer to bring the entire carcass up to operating temperature allows you have the Hot Pressure set before turn one and ensures it is stable and will not change out on the track.
  • Sizing your Tires - Those involved in Circle Track racing know the importance of having your stagger set; using a Tire Warmer to heat the tire, bringing to full Hot Pressure allows the tire to be sized well before the race. Some racers will use the warmer to manipulate the tire to create the stagger they desire.

What is operating temperature?

Almost all tire compounds (street legal and racing slicks) are working well at temperatures between 145 & 185 degrees Fahrenheit. We see 175F as the most common operating temperature, but it certainly depends on your form of motorsport. Just because you are sweating and hot doesn't mean your tires are hot. Some qualifying tires need to be as hot as 210 F.

Graph of CHR Tire warmer

Note: blue line shows temp INSIDE your tire carcass

Is heat up time important?

Two important factors are: initial heat up time and complete heat soaking. Initial heat up should be a heat up cycle of 7-8 minutes to let the rubber cycle up to temperature slowly, this gives the best results. A "heat soak" is what is desired. This is complete heating through the tire, the whole carcass not just the surface rubber. For this reason a heating time of 45 minutes is recommended.

How is the heat regulated?

Every warmer is built with accurate heat control. Depending on the model either an RTD or Thermostatic Controller is utilized to keep the warmer at the desired temperature. Typically 175 degrees Fahrenheit (79C) when it is time to race and 130 F (55C) for stand-by conditions or Rain Compound Tires. If there is a delay in races, leaving the warmers on Stand-By for extra time is not a problem.

How many watts do my tire warmers draw?

A Superbike set of warmers draws 1150 watts (550 Front and 600 Rear). A set of 250 GP warmers draws 1130 watts and a set of 125 GP warmers draws 850 watts. Custom built warmers and warmers for 4 wheeled vehicles require wattage to vary with size.

Why Chicken Hawk Racing Tire Warmers?

  • Chicken Hawk warmers are easy and fast to put on and the easiest/fastest to take off.
  • Utilize Dupont aramid fiber insulation to keep the heat in.
  • NEW: Neon Running Light tells you the unit is energized and when Full-Temp is reached!!
  • NEW: Dupont patented Melt-Proof Inner Liner makes units even tougher for the fast-paced paddock!
  • Chicken Hawk warmers have a heat up time and target temperature that is designed to the specifications of Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin, Hoosier & Goodyear racing tires.
  • The most durable unit using high impact thermostatic controls and Kapton heating coils.
  • NEW: See the Pro-Line model - Solid State Micro-Processor controlled with Digital Display!! See your actual tire temperature and change the desired temperature with the push of a button!!
  • QUALITY & PRICE - our unit is 2nd to none and is one of the most economically priced for every model!!