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Chicken Wrap Neoprene Wheel Insulators

Price: $125.00

These easy to install neoprene wraps are 2mm thick and nylon covered with Velcro to attach to the tire warmer closure. The front wrap utilizes heavy duty zippers to allow the wrap to go over the fender.

Although CHR tire warmers can easily bring your tires up to temperature in cold weather, the effect of the wind can be significant. Seeing that many club racers are pitted outdoors in unprotected areas, and that the new AMA rules require sitting on the grid for long periods of time, this product completes the CHR system of tire & wheel warming.

Attaining hot tire pressure is more essential than ever with today’s race tires and getting heat in the rim is part of that equation. Getting the chill off your brakes and rotors is also an added benefit.

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